Sunday, January 19, 2014

"The Wall"

This one is worth every minute guys. 
"The Wall'
Starring and BRILLIANTLY narrated by the wonderful Martina Gedeck, Pölsler's stripped down, philosophical slice of reflective sci-fi is a breath of fresh air within a genre driven by spectacle.The plot is compelling. Gedeck, who plays an unidentified woman who accompanies her cousin and husband to a secluded Austrian lodge. Set within the shadow of the Alps, this isolated cabin (yes, another isolated cabin, but WAIT!! The beauty of the scenery is worth the price alone) is the perfect dwelling for getting away from the hectic rhythm and grind of modern 21st century life. I can only hope to strive for 1/16 of the talent this writer had for the narration. Beautiful!

However, when Gedeck's party embark on a quick trip to the cabin's neighboring village, leaving her alone with Lynx( the family dog), she finds herself left for an unusual period of time, waking the next morning alone and curious as to their whereabouts. (Kinda X-Files-y, but classier).
Try not to miss this one, my friends. I'm giving this one 4 bright shiny stars!!

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