Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Knife's Edge"

 "Knife's Edge"
…hmm… ok…I was really thinking hard about how to review this one. It's a supernatural thriller (I think)….which really happened…What I mean to say is that the woman lead "sees" things and they happen in real life….AND she "sees" things that already happened. Confused yet? No? ok….Let's start with the opening scene. This one takes place in an isolated…. (guess… no c'mon, really guess, think hard…)  Ok, fine. In isolated MANSION!  HA! Almost had ya, didn't I? This family was apparently too rich for a cabin. Of course it turns out it was haunted…but WAS it?? hmm…And I'll say one more time. When you're   being chased by a stark raving lunatic with a huge knife, you don't grab your 6 year old son and run up two flights of mansion stairs. That's a lotta stairs when you think about it, especially since  the front door was FIVE FEET from the stairway. I mean REALLY??  This movie  had it's scary, startling parts. Not a complete loss  by any means. Just a lot of empty holes. Was the nanny a bad guy?? The husband? Was the WIFE the stark raving mad one?? Did he marry her just for the money?  And what was the purpose of spiking her sleeping pills with a hallucinogen??  That never got answered and it made no sense. I'm giving it 3 stars. And I can tell you ONE thing. I wouldn't be caught DEAD in that mansion!!. How many times do you have to hear "getttt outttt" before you actually LEAVE??? (rolling eyes)

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