Monday, January 13, 2014

'The Raven'

This morning's movie is entitled "The Raven". It stars John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe; Alice Eve as Emily, and short but brilliant list of actors playing very believable characters in this amazing film based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Now I may be slightly biased here because I'm a GREAT big fan of John Cusack, and of E.A. Poe. But this movie is as suspenseful as a thriller can be without anything supernatural, haunted, jumping out and scaring you. I have to admit, I was at the edge of my seat almost the whole time No blood, no gore. Sheer acting abilities. Cusack gives a fantastic performance as Poe, however I was confused by his accent….in the beginning of the movie (set in Baltimore), he had one (English? Irish?)j, by the middle it was American/English? Irish? and by the end he was as American as apple pie and baseball. So that was a bit puzzling. In spite of the fact that he may not have been assigned a dialect coach, he still did well. I'm giving this movie FIVE stars. Please give it a shot! Until Next Time!!

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