Monday, January 13, 2014


Today I start out with a simple question: WHAT IS IT WITH BLONDES???  Jeez. This movie, "Choose" starring Katheryn Winnick (aforementioned blonde) and Kevin Pollack (as her dad/police captain) trying to find a serial killer before he kills again.I'm not gonna give it away. I CAN tell……….ASK you….. if a serial killer tells you to meet him in a closed down and desolate insane asylum "ALONE", would you go?  Of COURSE not! But did the blonde? OF COURSE!!  why not? He seemed like a NICE serial killer, after all. (rolling eyes) I rest my case. Kevin Pollack must've had some bills to pay. I was ashamed for him. He can do MUCH better. I have to admit there were one or two moments of "WOW! Didn't see THAT one coming!!" even for me, and I don't startle easily. Good thing this movie was short. Three stars. If you're really bored and looking for something to watch, otherwise, drop it like it's HOT. Thanks for reading! Don't forget to share my blog site! Until Next Time!!

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