Wednesday, January 29, 2014


CHRISTINE'S COLUMN:   I know I said not too many horror movies and thrillers. I was up last night for about 2 hours watching 15 minutes each of the movies I had in my que.  After 15 mins., it was "click-delete-click-delete-click-delete" and so forth. If they're not even worth me WATCHING, then they're not worth me REVIEWING…  That being said; I just got done with a movie called "Inkubus". The movie itself had a very tired premise …. tired plot,…tired and predictable ending. I even think the writers were tired, I dunno… SOMEONE fell asleep during the making of this movie, and the ONLY reason I'm reviewing it for you is my deep respect for Robert Englund. Although Englund started out his acting career with "A Nightmare On Elm Street". And as everyone about my age knows, that movie scared the daylights out of a LOTTA people. Because it was the first of its kind. But after "Nightmare….2, 3,  4, 5, 6---------25:Freddy In Space Enough Already" He was pigeonholed as "Freddy". I feel bad for him because he's stuck as a certain character. Never the good guy. Now, I've seen him in a host of interviews and the man couldn't be nicer and more down to earth. He's funny and charming and all good things. He is a Shakespearean trained actor. Think about that for a sec and then think about where he landed. Oh…crap……where was I? OH! right, a review.  Robert Englund was the lead in the film and he carried it all by himself, as the bad guy, with the ease and grace of a figure skater. Rob, I'm sorry you had to go through that. You're better than that and your fans know this.  There's nothing more to say. 2 stars. Yes. 2. In other words …. don't bother unless you miss seeing Englund's face.

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